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Billing & Insurance Information

Answered by Full Spectrum Emergency Room and Urgent Care

With all the different medical care options out there, questions will certainly arise, and the insurance companies don't always make understanding your benefits an easy task. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help clarify some of the most important patient issues we encounter.

If you have any specific questions, please contact our billing department at (210) 405-1164 to assist in any way possible.

General Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:What makes Full Spectrum ER & Urgent Care different?

    A:Our facilities are a hybrid and offer both Emergency Room services 24/7/365, as well as Urgent Care services Monday-Saturday (9AM-9PM), and Sunday (9AM-6PM) for your convenience. Using our convenient and cost-effective hybrid model means you never have to worry about making the right choice for your unscheduled medical care. You get the level of care you need at the appropriate price. 

    The biggest difference you will experience at our facilities versus a standard hospital-based emergency department is the level of convenience, compassion, and personalized service each patient receives. No more waiting for hours in crowded rooms full of other sick patients, at Full Spectrum you will be taken back to your room and seen by our physicians within minutes of your arrival.  
    We have also built strong relationships with many local primary care physicians and specialists to better ensure your continuity of care after being discharged from our facilities.

  • Q:What's the difference between an Emergency Room and an Urgent Care?

    A:Emergency Room: Our Emergency Rooms are equipped with life-saving equipment, including an on-site laboratory, and advanced imaging services including CT, X-ray, and an Ultrasound machine to handle and treat conditions that require immediate attention. 
    Urgent Care:
    Our Urgent Cares are equipped with on-site laboratory services, digital X-rays, and can handle standard urgent care services in order to treat any minor injuries and common illnesses. We also provide school physicals, physical exams, employment screenings, vaccines, diagnostic testing and preventative services.

  • Q:Do I need to make an appointment?

    A:No appointments are necessary at either of our locations for Urgent Care or Emergency Room Services.

  • Q:What do I need to bring with me at check-in?

    A:We ask that you please bring a copy of your driver's license, state, or military ID and proof of insurance (if applicable). It is also helpful to bring a list of any medications you are currently taking.

  • Q:Will you send information about my visit to my doctor or specialist?

    A:With your permission, we can reach out to your doctor or specialist and provide any information necessary to ensure a smooth continuation of your care. Just let us know at the time of your visit or give us a call afterward with follow-up information.

Urgent Care Information

  • Q:Who will be treating me in the Urgent Care?

    A:If your condition requires our Urgent Care services, you will be treated by one of our highly trained Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners.

  • Q:Do you offer pediatric care for infants and small children in your Urgent Care?

    A:Our Urgent Care typically sees patients who are 6 months and older. If your child is under 6 months and presenting with a high fever they will be treated in our Emergency Room. At Full Spectrum Emergency Urgent Care we streamline the entire process of intake, treatment, and discharge. Our objective is to provide a non-rushed, comprehensive, quality experience by compassionate and professional staff.

  • Q:Is Full Spectrum Urgent Care In-Network with my insurance provider?

    A:Full Spectrum Urgent Care is in-network with the following Health Plans: Our urgent care is currently in-network with Tricare, Medicare, TriWest Healthcare Alliance, and most commercial insurance including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and Humana. However, at this time we do not accept United Healthcare, any form of Medicaid, Oscar, or Superior Health Plans in our Urgent Care. Your urgent care benefits would apply to your visit when in-network.

  • Q:How much will I have to pay for my Urgent Care visit?

    A:If you have insurance coverage: The Patient Care Coordinator will explain your Urgent Care benefits, collect your co-pay and an Urgent Care nurse will call you back to be seen by one of our providers. After your insurance claim has been processed (which may take a few weeks), if additional in-network insurance claim benefits are applied to your deductible or co-insurance, a bill will be sent to you.
    If you are uninsured:
    Don’t worry, we have “TRANSPARENT” self-pay rates.

  • Q:What happens if insurance denies my claim?

    A:If we are in-network with your insurance provider and they are refusing coverage please contact your insurance and our billing department at 210-626-8825, M-F (8AM-5PM).

  • Q:Questions About Your Bill or Insurance Coverage?

    A:If you have any specific questions regarding your bill, please contact our billing department at 210-626-8825, M-F (8AM-5PM). Or simply email us at:

Emergency Room Information

  • Who will be treating me in the Emergency Room?

    If your condition requires our Emergency Room services, you will be treated by a Emergency Medicine Board Certified Physician with specialized training and experience with trauma and emergent issues. The majority of our Physicians are veterans with decades of training to ensure you receive the best care possible.

  • Do you offer pediatric care for infants and small children in your Emergency Room?

    Absolutely! Full Spectrum Emergency Room is equipped and staffed to treat emergency patients of all ages, no matter . Our Emergency Medicine Board Certified Physicians have specialized training in pediatric trauma and can handle emergent conditions in infants and children of any age. With a compassionate, caring staff and specialized pediatric equipment you can rest assured that your little ones are in excellent hands. If sub-specialty care is required, we will arrange for direct hospital admission to the appropriate facility of your choice without having to wait in a hospital emergency department.

  • What are observation suites?

    Observation suites are available in our Emergency Room only. Our observation suites allow us to keep a patient up to 23 hours who do not require direct hospital admission so we may monitor any ongoing conditions and ensure you are back on the road to recovery before being discharged.

  • If I need to be transferred to a hospital, how is this coordinated?

    If a transfer is required to a higher level of care (i.e. a hospital), we will provide all of the coordination for this and you will be admitted directly into the hospital bypassing their Emergency Department. We have an ambulance transfer service to ensure your continuity of care.

  • How long will I have to wait before seeing a provider?

    At Full Spectrum Emergency Room we streamline the entire process of intake, treatment, and discharge. Our objective is to provide a non-rushed, comprehensive, quality experience by compassionate and professional staff. A provider will typically see you within a few minutes of arrival. It's our goal for most patients to be diagnosed, treated, and back home before most hospital emergency departments even begin treatment.

  • Is Full Spectrum Emergency Room In-Network with my insurance provider?

    • Full Spectrum Emergency Room is a freestanding emergency medical care facility.
    • The facility charges rates comparable to a hospital emergency room and may charge a facility fee.
     • The facility or a physician providing medical care at the facility may be an out-of-network provider for the patient’s health benefit plan provider network
     • The physician providing medical care at the facility may bill separately from the facility for the medical care provided to a patient.
     • Full Spectrum Emergency Room is a network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (Traditional Indemnity Business, PPO/POS Network, Blue Essentials & Healthselect Network, and Blue Advantage HMO Network) and Caprock Health Insurance.

  • How much will I have to pay for my Emergency Room visit?

    If you have insurance coverage: You will be given at no cost to you, a Medical Screening Exam (MSE) by one of our Emergency Room Doctors who will explain what services he/she feels you require. If at that time you choose not to have the recommended services, you will be discharged at no cost to you.

     If you decide to continue with the recommended treatment, one of our Patient Care Coordinators will explain to you your insurance benefits and provide you with an “Out of Pocket Responsibility” form that you may be responsible for, after we submit to your insurance.

     If you decide to be seen by one of our medical professionals, and once your insurance claim has been processed, you may incur the “out of pocket” rate in which you agreed upon at the time of service, based upon the coverage amounts of your insurance policy. For example, if your policy has a deductible that has not been met or your co-insurance does not cover certain procedures you may be responsible for up to the “max out of pocket” rate at the time of service less any amount you may have already paid.

     If you are uninsured:
    Don’t worry, we have “TRANSPARENT” self-pay rates for Emergency Room visits and flexible payment arrangements.

  • I received an explanation of benefits (EOB) from my insurance company, will I have to pay this amount?

    Once your claim is processed, an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will be generated to you from your insurance company. It is very important to understand that any amount shown on an EOB is NOT A BILL. If you have any billing question, please contact our billing department at 210-626-8825, M-F (8AM-5PM). An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will always be sent by your insurance company and will show the benefits they have agreed to pay out based on your specific plan and what they feel you owe. These amounts include what was applied to your remaining deductible (if any) or your co-insurance (if any). You may receive separate EOBs for the facility and one for the physician.

    If you have questions upon receiving your EOB, we are here to help. Our dedicated team of in-house billing professionals can check the status of your claim to ensure it has been processed correctly. The insurance claim process can take time and appeals may be made to negotiate reimbursement in cases where insurance companies are not initially covering certain procedures or costs that should qualify. You will never be billed for a greater amount than what is agreed upon during the time of service. If any questions arise, please contact our billing department at 210-626-8825, M-F (8AM-5PM).

  • What happens if insurance denies my claim?

    Emergency Room: Full Spectrum will appeal your claim on your behalf but at some point, we may need your assistance during the appeal process, we may contact you to simply “help” us in communicating with your insurance company, please respond in a timely manner.

  • Why did I receive two bills for my Emergency Room visit?

    You will receive two separate bills from us. One will be a facility bill for any emergency room testing and/or procedural charges. The second bill is a professional bill for the professional emergency physician charges and will be billed under PVD Medical Associates. The total between the two bills will equal the total “out of pocket responsibility” that you agreed to at the time of service. If you have questions concerning either of these bills, please do not hesitate to contact us as billing amounts are different for each patient based on their treatment, insurance, and their “max out of pocket” at time of service. If your bill is higher than your “out of pocket responsibility,” total simply call our billing department at 210-626-8825, M-F (8AM-5PM) for an adjustment.

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