Practicing Healthy & Mindful Habits This Summer

Practicing Healthy & Mindful Habits This Summer Photo

The time has come: longer days, sunshine, cook-outs, swimming, and more await! During the warmest time of year, freedom seems to ring. With this freedom often comes a lack of structure and routine, and we can forget the mindful habits we worked so hard to form.

Mindful Habits That Promote Summer Health

Maintaining positive habits is essential to making the most of our summer AND our health! How can we stay centered and make mindful choices throughout our summer season? Follow the tips below!

Plan A Healthy Vacation

Summer is undoubtedly the most popular travel time. According to a 2022 summer travel trend study done by Vacasa, 63% of Americans plan to take a trip this summer! Vacations and relaxation are essential, but staying healthy is even more critical during these breaks.

When planning your vacation, consider these tips to ensure it is active and healthy:

  • Choose an outdoor destination.
  • Keep a routine during your trip.
  • Choose healthy food options.
  • Go light on alcohol.
  • Get good sleep.

It is entirely possible to enjoy your vacation while keeping your health in mind.

Stay Hydrated In The Heat

If we were to guess, you probably sweat more in the summer than in other seasons. When you sweat, your body regulates its temperature by releasing water through your sweat glands. If you don't restore this lost water, dehydration can occur.

You should drink water regularly throughout the day, not just when you feel thirsty. Carrying a travel water bottle will ensure that you always have access to water. Having water on hand makes it convenient for you to stay hydrated at work, on the go, at home, in your car, and more!

Drinking plenty of fluids will also help keep your food moving through your digestive system so that nutrients are absorbed quickly into your bloodstream, where they can also aid in keeping you hydrated. Additionally, hydrating your body will help to prevent heatstroke and exhaustion.

Protect Your Skin

We all know that skin protection in the summer is essential, but it's worth repeating. Our skin becomes more at risk as UV indexes skyrocket. Follow these suggestions for protecting your skin:

  • Apply sunscreen frequently. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day and reapplying every two hours while in the sun. Your sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 30.
  • Wear your favorite sunglasses. Sunglasses help prevent your corneas from getting a sunburn, protect your retinas, and stop cataracts from forming. Whether going on a leisure bike ride or walking to your next class, protect your eyes!
  • Protect your scalp with a hat. When you cover the top of your head, you help prevent sunburn in areas that aren't generally protected by sunscreen. When choosing your summer hat, make sure that it fits snugly over your head so it doesn't blow off during heavy winds.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

You may be tempted to eat out more frequently than in other seasons with no set schedule or routine. Eating fast food can mean paying less attention to the nutritional value our meals provide and paying more attention to their convenience.

While the summer season is a time to relax and enjoy yourself, it's also essential to maintain a healthy diet. Here are some tips for making good choices this summer:

  • Create a routine for your meals. Attempt to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the same timeframe every day. Habits will help keep you on schedule to avoid missing a meal or overconsumption.
  • Eat a balanced breakfast every morning. Try granola, fresh fruits, or overnight oats to keep your palate pleased and your stomach full.
  • Snack smart. When it is warm out, you burn more energy and get hungry more often. Rather than grabbing a bag of potato chips, try alternatives such as red bell peppers, greek yogurt, mixed nuts, chia pudding, or hummus and kale chips.
  • Allow yourself to indulge every once in a while. It is acceptable to deviate from a healthy meal plan here and there to balance your diet.

Get a Summer Check Up at Full Spectrum Emergency Room and Urgent Care

Summer is the ideal season for adults and children to have their health evaluated! Take advantage of your family's open schedule now that school has ended, and schedule well-visits for your family members (and yourself).

Routine check-ups are vital to overall health, as your health provider will perform a general wellness check and look out for any medical issues. Your well-visit may cover:

  • Family history
  • Vital signs
  • Routine blood work
  • Preventative screening
  • Immunizations
  • Eyesight and hearing tests

At Full Spectrum Emergency Room and Urgent Care, we offer physical exams for the entire family.

Keeping You Healthy This Summer at Full Spectrum Emergency Room and Urgent Care

Your summer will be rewarding and healthy when following the mindful tips above! If you have any health concerns throughout the season, Full Spectrum Emergency Room and Urgent Care is here to be a resource and helping hand.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Full Spectrum Emergency Room and Urgent Care provides high-quality, convenient, and compassionate care without the wait. To learn more about the services we offer, call us today at (210) 429-8313 or visit us online.